Dr. Zoltán Török

Head of Research, Raiffeisen Bank Hungary

Zoltán is the Head of Research at Raiffeisen Bank Hungary. After working at the research think-tank Kopint-Datorg as an economist, he joined Raiffeisen in 1997 as a macroeconomic analyst, later became the chief economist at Raiffeisen Securities and Investment and holds his current position since 2004.
His main focus is on the Hungarian macroeconomy and the banking sector. He got his M.A. degree from the Central European University and his PhD from Budapest Corvinus University.
His main professional interest topics are: economic convergence, financial system innovations, comparative cross-country research, and policy change. He is a frequent speaker at conferences, an op-ed columnist in major professional sites in Hungary and teaches a university course on international finance at ELTE.
In his spare time, he enjoys various outdoor activities (running, cycling, hiking).

15:30 - 16:00

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